Major Funding

Spring Major Funding Applications are due April 13, 2018!

This application is intended for proposals seeking more than $1,000. If seeking $1,000 or less, please see Minor Funding Protocol.

** All grant applications and related forms can be submitted to coastalfund(at) **

Eligibility requirements:

  1. Requested amount must be more than $1000.
  2. Project must advance the Coastal Fund Mission and take place within the Santa Barbara watershed.
  3. Project must be overseen or sponsored by UCSB, a registered non-profit or a government agency.

Applying for a Major Funding grant:

  1. Check the Funding Guidelines and Cycles pages for information on our policies, the current funding cycle and upcoming workshops.
  2. Attend a Grant Application Workshop (optional) to learn about Coastal Fund and its policies and funding priorities, and helpful tips for preparing your application. Workshop times are listed on the Funding Cycles page. If you are unable to attend a workshop, you can view the power point presentation file we use here.
  3. Fill out the Major Grant Application and Budget Worksheet and submit both to coastalfund(at) along with the sponsoring organization’s most recent 990 (not needed for UCSB entities or government agencies) and any additional documentation. Please submit all documentation as separate files, do not merge into a single document.
  4. The Coastal Fund Administrative Assistant will contact you with a date that you may present your project to the Board. All presentations occur during Coastal Fund weekly meetings, which are Tuesday evenings. Applicants are allocated half an hour during which time they are expected to present their project and answer any Board questions.
  5. The Coastal Fund Board will review all applications and make funding decisions at the end of the quarter.
  6. If funded, you will be provided with a grant agreement listing the requirements for grant recipients, all approved line items and amounts, and any additional stipulations or adjustments to the project. Sign the agreement and return it to Coastal Fund via email or by dropping it off at our office.

Implementing a Major Funding grant:

  1. Associated Students will process all grant checks and they will be available a few weeks after grant agreements are returned.
  2. If you would like help in recruiting interns, please let us know and we can advertise any openings in our newsletter or Facebook page.
  3. Conduct your project according to the approved application, taking any adjustments from the Board into account.
  4. Fill out and submit a Progress Report before or on the date listed on your grant agreement. If your grant agreement does not list a progress report deadline (common for short projects), you may skip the Progress Report and record all information in the Final Report.
  5. If over the course of your project you need to reallocate funding from one budget line item to another, fill out and submit a Budget Reallocation Form. If you will not complete your project by your approved end date, fill out and submit an Extension Request.
  6. At the conclusion of your project, have any Coastal Fund sponsored interns complete an Intern Evaluation.
  7. Complete the Major Application Final Report within 30 days of the project completion and return it to Coastal Fund along with any unspent funds, proof of expenditures and accounting, copies of any publicity material or awards, and any additional documentation.

Please feel free to contact coastalfund(at) with any questions.

Blank Forms

Major Grant Application
Budget Worksheet
Extension Request
Budget Reallocation Form
Intern Evaluation
Major Application Final Report

** All grant applications and related forms can be submitted to coastalfund(at) **