No current events right now, but check out this and previous year’s photo contest winners!

2021 Photo Contest: “New Beginnings”

John Lazo: “Golden Seaweed Ventura Pier” A gorgeous sunrise down in Ventura. Check out John’s other photography work here!

Briana Barajas with her cloudy sunset image out at at Sand’s Beach. Learn more about Briana through her work with MAPAS.

2020 Photo Contest: “Seas the (Earth) Day”

Justin Huitema: “Gaviota Glass-off” – The story behind this photo is that I was used to seeing this particular spot with lots of wind, so when I was on top of the cliff looking down, I got so excited to make it down into the water. It was low tide and the waves were so beautifully shaped, just big enough for me to fit my GoPro into, as seen in this “look-out” of the barrel!

Brandon Hopper: “SB Sea Slug” – Spanish shawl nudibranchs are super vibrant animals that cover most of local reefs

Elisa Romanelli: “Sunset at Sands” – Beach walk in the warmth of sunset light, Sands Beach, CA

Felix Dong: “Glass” – Winter Quarter 2019, Del Playa Shoreline

Justin Huitema: “Arroyo Burro Sunset” – The story for this one is that I had injured my back surfing this past summer and hadn’t been in the ocean’s waves for about 6 months. This particular photo was taken on one of, if not the first, time back in waves. They were only about 1-2′ and I remember feeling scared to dive under even the small ones as to not hurt myself again. Once I got to enjoy that sunset and shoot some waves without being injured, that served as a catalyst for me to get into bigger waves and eventually surf again later in the fall!

Kevin Scott: “Catch of the Day” – I took the photo at the tide pools at Campus Point Beach, during a low tide. I wasn’t sure how this gull was going to manage to eat the seastar, so I did a little research. Apparently they bang the star on rocks to knock the legs off, and then swallow each piece.

2019 Photo Contest: “What Do You Sea”

Marco Mazza: “Octopus Devereux” – The reef off Devereux is covered with octopi, they just prove difficult to find on most dives. However, this one was cooperative for a close-up.

Joanne Yue: “Perfect Places” – Sometimes the best photos happen spontaneously, captured on a total whim with little to no planning. This was one of those cases. The clouds were floating parallel to the horizon on a clear blue day, begging to be photographed.

Stacey Hall: “Golden Hour”

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