The Coastal Fund (CF) was created and is funded by the students at the University of California, Santa Barbara in order to preserve and enhance the ecological integrity of the coastal habitats at the University. Given this charge, the CF seeks to provide the financial impetus for research, restoration, preservation, access and educational projects that are in agreement with the CF’s Mission Statement.

Funding proposals must advance the CF Mission Statement, have relevance to the student community and benefit the UCSB shoreline to be eligible. Please review all information below carefully before you apply. If your proposal does not fit in with the CF goals, feel free to visit our Additional Funding Sources page for other opportunities.

To ensure the speed and efficiency of our application process for both the Coastal Fund and the applicant, two separate applications have been developed based upon amount requested. Details on application deadlines, specific requirements and downloadable application forms can be found here:

Major and Minor Grants

Emergency Funding

Funding Deadlines and Guidelines

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