Funded Projects Winter 2011

Projects Funded: 17
Total Amount Distributed: $81,950.00

Restoring Coastal Dunes to Learn the Effects of Invasive Iceplant on Insects and other Arthropods

Total Amount Distributed: $2,540.00
Habitat is being restored in experimental plots where the effects of iceplant invasion and habitat restoration on native arthropod assemblages are investigated.

UCSB Fun in the Sun-Summer of Service (FITS-SOS)

Amount Funded: $6,920.00
Middle school students will research and complete projects that focus on improving and developing new methods of beach enhancement and preservation for UCSB’s surrounding beaches.

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Coastal Stewardship & Policy Program

Amount Funded: $6,115.00
This program will establish partnerships with agencies that work on coastal development issues. Interns will have the opportunity to learn about coastal policy and its applications, as well as the relevance to the ecological integrity and preservation of our shoreline.

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Current Conservation Challenges and Opportunities in the Santa Barbara Channel: Shipping and Whales

Amount Funded: $14,850.00
This program engages the UCSB community in addressing problems regarding cargo ships in the Santa Barbara Channel which create water, noise and air pollution, and collide with and kill migrating and feeding whales.

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Public Education About Tar Accumulation at Coal Oil Point, a Study of Key Underlying Factors

Amount Funded: $2,400.00
This project focuses on locating the most important tar sources in the vicinity of Coal Oil Point and UCSB to identify factors controlling the spatial and temporal variations of tar distribution on local beaches.

A Community Supported Fisheries Program for the UCSB Campus

Amount Funded: $12,400.00
This project connects the UCSB campus community to the local fishing community by creating a Community Supported Fisheries program with access for students, staff, faculty, and Dining Services.

Assessing Habitat Linkages in Coastal Open Areas

Amount Funded: $3,600.00
Linkages are an essential component of maintaining the value of protected area networks. This program establishes a database of wildlife use of the areas studied over time and assesses current barrier crossings.

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Restoring Lagoon Island with Prescribed Fire

Amount Funded: $10,790.00
The goal of this project is to restore 1 acre of the 18 acres on Lagoon Island. The program aims to use fire to control problematic weed through experimentation and research.

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Project: Comprehensive Vernal Pool Assessment

Amount Funded: $6,021.00
Total Amount Funded: &6,021.00 Despite good documentation about the benefits to the hydrology and plant communities, little is known about the function of the different systems for the unique suite of invertebrates associated with vernal pools. This project will conduct an assessment of vegetation and hydrology and do a comprehensive invertebrate sampling study.

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Project: Kids in Nature Peer-to-Peer Environmental Education Program

Amount Funded: $7,800.00
Interns will serve as mentors for the newly enrolled UCSB students and also for the other 90 5th grade students who are part of the KIN program.

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Goleta and UCSB land-use decision making and their impacts on shoreline and coastal water pollution

Amount Funded: $3,920.00
Citizens Planning Association will engage UCSB interns to research the nexus between Goleta and UCSB land use development decisions and the health of our shoreline and coastal waters.

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Feeding Morphology Educational Student/School Guidebook for Common Birds Found at Coal Oil Point Reserve

Amount Funded: $925.00
This project will produce a guidebook that contains an engaging series of lessons for K through 8th Grade on the morphological adaptations for feeding of twelve birds commonly found in Coal Oil Point Reserve.

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Explore Gaviota Coast! Fun Run and Hike

Amount Funded: $1,000.00
In order to create public awareness of the Gaviota Coast, Engineers Without Borders put on a fun run and hike to provide people with the opportunity to go out to the Gaviota Coast and explore.

Native Algae Book

Amount Funded: $700.00
In order to educate the public about native algae in the Santa Barbara area, a field guide will be created for interactive learning and recreational use about 35 local native algae species living in the Santa Barbara area.

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Water Quality Testing Internship

Amount Funded: $683.00
The intern will collect and test water samples from specific sites in order to analyze the quality of our coastal waters. Information will be accessible to the public through the website of both Coastal Fund and Isla Vista Surfrider.

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Rise Above Plastics Internship

Amount Funded: $300.00
This intern will help teach the public about the negative effects that plastics have on sea life and present alternatives such as reusable containers and bags. They will hold educational events, updating Isla Vista Surfrider with events and action alerts in the community, and collaborating with other organizations to reach the goals of the Rise Above Plastics campaign.

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Snowy Plover Docent Program Anniversary Booklet

Amount Funded: $986.00
This funding will be used to crate a booklet that would commemorate the 10th year of successful nesting of snowy plovers at Coal Oil Point Reserve.

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