Fall 2019 Funded Grants

1. NCOS Impact Video and Long Film Filming/Post Production, CCBER
Included funding for 6 interns.
Total funding: $13,100

2. Restoring Fuel Breaks to Promote Native Ecosystem Services, EEMB
Included funding for 1 intern.
Total funding: $4,000

3. MPA Watch Internship Program, Santa Barbara Channelkeeper
Included funding for 2 interns.
Total funding: $4,023.38

4. Internships and Additional Funding Support for Conservation, Education and Restoration Programs for Winter and Spring 2019, COPR
Included funding for 17 interns.
Total funding: $11,538.40

5. Native Tree Restoration, Maintenance and Education, Your Children’s Trees at UCSB
Included funding for 7 interns.
Total funding: $6,375

6. A New Horizon-Oil Platform Decommissioning, EDC
Included funding for 1 intern.
Total funding: $10,000

7. IV Foam Free for the Sea Pilot, Community Environmental Council
Included funding for 1 intern.
Total funding: $2,200

8. Turning Up the Heat: Climate Science in Action, MSI & EEMB
Total funding: $13,279.00

9. Kids in Nature Peer-to-Peer Environmental Education Program, CCBER
Included funding for 10 interns.
Total funding: $17,889

10. Wildfire and mudflow impacts on marine phytoplankton community composition in the Santa Barbara Channel, MSI
Total funding: $5,600

11. Assessing giant kelp’s microbial community structure under different environmental conditions and host quality, EEMB
Included funding for 2 interns.
Total funding: $7,500

12. Carpinteria Salt Marsh Habitat Restoration-Sand Point Road, Channel Islands Restoration
Included funding for 4 interns.
Total funding: $2,974

13. Inventory of the Seaweeds of Santa Rosa Island, Santa Barbara County, California, CCBER
Included funding for 2 interns.
Total funding: $13,260.70

14. Coastal Ecology Literacy for Early Childhood Education and Pre-K Nature Based Education at North Campus Open Space, CCBER
Included funding for 3 interns.
Total funding: $7,877

15. UCSB Campus Lagoon Restoration 2019-20, CCBER
Included funding for 2 interns.
Total funding: $16,172

16. Impact of Natural Disasters on the Native Olympia Oyster in the Santa Barbara Watershed, Bren School
Included funding for 1 intern.
Total funding: $16,470

17. Identifying native seeds in the seed bank through DNA and RNA extractions, EEMB
Included funding for 1 intern.
Total funding: $4,871.06

18. A Sweet Deal: understanding plant-pollinator interactions in coastal ecosystems around the UCSB campus through the lens of nectar equality, CCBER
Total funding: $828.96

19. Investigating the dynamics of amphibian chytridiomycosis: Linking variation in the amphibian mucosae and immunogenetics with disease risk and long-term dynamics of amphibian populations
Included funding for 1 intern.
Total funding: $900

20. Effects of symbiotic fungi on drought tolerance of Quercus Agrifolia, EEMB
Total funding: $735

21. Tracking a marine heatwave, NEP19, along the Santa Barbara Coast, MSI
Total funding: $973


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