Funded Projects Fall 2014

1.Coal Oil Point Reserve natural history documentary: A haven of wilderness in urban Santa Barbara
Including $300 for UCSB Student PAs
Total funding for project is $880.00

2.Channel Islands Cetacean Research Unit: Cetacean Health Monitoring
Funded 3 intern stipends for 1 quarter
Total Funding:  $1,125

3.Coal Oil Point Reserve conservation, education, and restoration programs: Winter 2015/Spring 2015
Including 28 internships
Total Funding: $15,000

4.Kids In Nature Peer-to-Peer Environmental Education Program
Including Funding for 6 student intern stipends
Total Funding: $2,634.00

5.Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration: UCSB Campus Lagoon Restoration Efforts
Funded for 2 student workers
Total funded: $4,600

6.CCBER: Restoration Intern Training Program
Fund six student interns
Total Funding: $4,500

7.Research Project: Physiological drivers of toxicity in the harmful diatom, Pseudo-nitzschia in response to silicon and iron limitations.
Including Funding for 1 intern
Total Funded: $5,550

8.Watershed Restoration Internship
Funded 2 interns
Total Funded: $3,200

9.Coronado Butterfly Preserve Advisory Committee: Coronado Butterfly Preserve Revitalization Project
Funded 1 intern
Total funded: $2,000

10.Earth Research Institute: Using microbial indicators to assess the biological integrity of storm water wetlands and bioswales
Total funded: $4,885.15

11.Santa Barbara Audubon Society: Dune Swale Pond Buffer Fire Recovery Project
Funded 4 interns
Total funded: $3,550

12.The Environmental Defense Center (EDC): Mobilizing the Local Community to Protect Ellwood Mesa from Oil Processing
Funded 1 intern
Total Funded: $1000.00

13.Gray Whales Count
Funded 10 interns
Total Funded: $3,800

14. Marine Science Institute: Assessing the potential for spread of perennial rhizomes in saline
Total Funded: $1,300

15. Sama Group: Ecological and Economic Feasibility Study for a Sustainable Coastal Development at Devereux
Funded 4 interns
Total Funded: $1,500

16. Goleta Slough Management Committee (GSMC): Goleta Slough Ecosystem Seal Level Rise and Management Plan Outreach Program
Funded 1 undergraduate intern with the stipulation that they have previous experience in website design.
Total Funded: $375

17. Marine Science Institute (MSI): MobileREEF Program, Intern Training and Teacher Professional Development
Funded 1 Intern coordinator
Funded 2 aquarist interns
Funded 4 REEF interns
Funded 1 MobileREEF intern
Funded 1 O2C Curriculum development intern
Funded Mobile reef rental
Total Funded: $15,160.00

18. Bioacoustics of UCSB/ Sounds of Campus Wildlife
Funded 2 interns
Funded for 2 audio recorders
Funded for microphone
Funded for IT support
Funded for website storage/use
Total Funded: $2,150

19. LiMPETS (Long-Term Monitoring Program of Experiential Training for Students)
Funded transportation to schools
Funded transportation for two buses from SB to UCSB
Funded student stipend
Funded personal transportation
Total funded: $5,500

20. CCBER: West Storke Wetland Restoration Enhancement
Funded 2 student workers
Total funded: $4,600

21. Sensor deployments in kelp forests – measuring carbon dioxide and oxygen levels to assess the impacts of a changing ocean
Funded boat OPS for fish egg collection
Funded boat OPS for sensor deployment
Funded tank recharges
Total funded: $1,414

22. Baited Remote Underwater Video for Monitoring and Citizen Science in the Santa Barbara Channel
Funded UCSB Boat Time
Funded tank fills and truck fuel
Funded supplies to build BRUV
Funded undergrad
Total Funded: $4,260

23. Coal Oil Point Coastal Live Oak Tree Plantings & individual research projects
Funded 250 five-gallon gopher baskets
Funded 2 dump trucks of compost
Total funded: $2,019.6

24. Evaluating ecological function of urbanized sandy beach ecosystems
Funded 2 student stipends for two quarters
Funded for travel to sites
Funded for supplies
Funded for poster printing
Total funded: $1,980

25. Effect of Compost Application Rate on Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling: Biogeochemical Mechanisms and Greenhouse Gas Policy Implications
Funded 24 undergraduate assistants
Funded for Supplies Inorganic
Funded for supplies for GC Sample Analysis
Funded for supplies for CN Sample Analysis
Funded for CN and Lachat Sample Analysis Costs
Funded Incubation Experiment Materials
Total funded: $4,319.23

26. Detecting African Clawed Frogs and Native Amphibians through Environmental DNA
Funded everything in full with an increase to the student undergraduate stipend
Funded DNA extraction supplies: DNeasy Blood and Tissue Kit
Funded DNA sample collection supplies: 1L Nalgenes, filters, vacuum pump, vials, bleach, ethanol, gloves
Funded PCR supplies: Primers, BSA, dNTP, & PCR master mix
Funded DNA sequencing
Funded undergraduate stipend
Total funded: $2,882.44

27. Enhancing Visitor Experience along the Gaviota Coast Campaign
Funded for printing of 5000 Gaviota Coast Maps
Total funded: $4,200

Minor Funding

28. CoastSocial: An Interactive Coastal Mapping and Education Application
Funded 4 students
Funded for publicizing and marketing materials
Total funded: $674.00

29. Coupling Interactions of pC02 and trace metals on Pseudo-nitzschia in the Santa Barbara Channel
Funded for Domoic Acid Detection – ELISA Kit
Funded for High-density polyethylene opaque bottles
Total funded: $700

30. Fairview Gardens Farm Education Internship
Funded two student stipends
Total funded: $750.00

31. The Origin of Hybrid Phragmities australis Haplotypes
Funded for 2 interns over one quarter
Total Funded: $750.00



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