Featured Internships and Projects

Internships at CCBER

 “I am happy to say that I will still be CCBER for the following school year!
I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities CCBER provides to students and the community. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by such an engaging and knowledgable staff while working in one the most beautiful places in California!
I’d like to thank Coastal Fund for their continual support in our projects. We couldn’t have done it with you all!
-Mike T.”
I’m thankful to say that I will be continuing to work with CCBER throughout the summer of 2015 and hopefully even into the academic year of ’15-’16. Interning in the Spring of 2015 providing me great insight into the field work done by CCBER staff and importance of maintaining local habitats and natural landscapes. I’m thrilled to continue learning with them in the future and working towards a good cause. Thank you for what you do at the Coastal Fund as much of this would not have happened without your work.
Dominic C.”

Internship at REEF

“I have loved working at the REEF.  I have learned so much about the amazing marine animals that we have right off the coast.  I have had the amazing opportunity to work with sharks as the shark aquarist and I find them fascinating and undeserving of their terrifying connotation.  I would love to see people become less afraid of sharks and to learn just how amazing they really are.
Thank you very much,
Kim A.”
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