Funded Projects Winter 2015

1.Goleta Valley Agricultural Land Protection Program

-Included funding for intern’s stipend for 75 hours

-Total funding: $5,875

2.Ecological and Economic Feasibility Study for Sustainable Coastal Development at Devereux

-Included funding for 4 undergraduate interns and 2 graduate inters for 2 quarters

-Total funding: $7,522

3. Isla Vista Trash Cans

-Total Funding: $3,180

4. Wilderness, Wildlife, and Watersheds

-Included funding of 2 undergraduate interns for 2 quarters

-Total funding: $3,440.88

5.Goleta Valley Watershed Chaparral Protection Program

-Included funding for intern stipend for 100 hours

– Total funding: $9,520

6. Adopt-A-Block No Butts Project

-Total funding: $185.33

7. Fairview Gardens Spring Farm Education Internships

-Included funding for 2 interns for 9 week internship

-Total funding: $950

8. Using Citizen Scientists to Assess Population and Behavior of the Severely Overfished Giant Sea Bass (sterolepis gigas) in Southern California

-Included funding for 2 student workers for 24 weeks

-Total funding: $7,924

9. GreenScreen Environmental Media Program

– Included funding for intern for 5 weeks

-Total funding: $3,050

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