Funded Projects Spring 2009

Projects Funded: 12
Total Amount Distributed: $69,199.89

Project: Project: Devereux Slough Monitoring Program Course

Amount Funded: $2,000.00
This project monitors parameters including fish sampling, sedimentation rates, vegetation surveys and water quality measurements. It educates UCSB students and the community through field research and outreach.

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Project: GreenScreen Environmental Media Program

Amount Funded: $3,350.00
This program brings together environmental filmmakers and media artists working for the preservation of the SB coast. This program communicates the importance of coastal issues to students and community members to take action. Videos are sent to classes around campus, shown on SB channels, and UC television, in environmental film festivals and the internet.

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Project: Watershed Resource Center Internships

Amount Funded: $5,000.00
Objective of project is to raise public awareness of SB’s unique watersheds and ocean environments and importance of pollution prevention. Two UCSB students work as interns with AFS Green Schools staff at the South Coast Watershed Resource Center (WRC) in development and management of community programming.

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Project: Internships and Trail Improvement at COPR

Amount Funded: $6,300.00
COPR maintains group of interns to enhance margins of the Devereux Slough, areas surrounding the dune swale pond and restore sections of the pond trail.

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Project: San Nicolas Wetland Restoration Project

Amount Funded: $9,870.00
CCBER will be restoring a 1.5 acre site adjacent to De La Guerra Dinging, on the north shore of the Campus Lagoon, into a freshwater wetland and associated plant communities. 3 UCSB student interns are currently helping to restore the land.

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Project: Native Tree Project

Amount Funded: $3,797.39
Goleta Valley Beautiful, subleases a Greenhouse on University grounds near Coal Oil Point. With the assistance of Developmentally Disable clients and UCSB student interns and volunteers, GVB is growing 2000 native trees and planting an average of 500 trees. UCSB student interns manage the Greenhouse.

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Project: Reef Check California

Amount Funded: $9,575.00
RCCA trains students in monitoring protocols for key rockey reef indicator species. Students then participate in RCCA’s bi-annual surveys along the Santa Barbara coast and Channel Islands. RCCA is providing UCSB with increased opportunities for immersion learning, field experience, and active engagement in marine management processes in California.

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Project: Summer Beach Lifeguard Service for Campus Point

Amount Funded: $7,217.00
The objective is to provide lifeguard service at Campus Point during the busiest days of the summer to enhance the safety of the public. UCSB student interns serve as lifeguards.

Project: Compete Understanding of How Predators Impact Community Diversity

Amount Funded: $6,544.50
This project is a study of how predator-predator interactions and temperature impact the ability of two common predator species from local intertidal communities to regulate prey populations. Furthermore, a UCSB student intern is responsible for a majority of testing and individual project explorations.

Project: Improved Identification of Sewage Discharge Using Optical Brighteners

Amount Funded: $3,528.00
Santa Barbara Channelkeeper requested funding in order to develop an optical brightener sampling methodology for indicator bacteria to provide a relatively inexpensive method to pinpoint the locations of potentially harmful sewage discharges.

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Project: Elwood Mesa Trail Management, Rehabilitation, and Interpretive Program

Amount funded: $6,000.00
This project is to have SBTC work with City of Goleta to update the recreation element of the Open Space and Habitat Management Plan for Ellwood mesa, undertake rehabilitation to portions of the Bluffs and to interpretative materials designed to mitigate issues relating to the snowy plover and use of the area by dog owners and other users.

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Project: Beach Ecosystem: Nutrient Sponge and Recycling Plant

Amount funded: $3,554.00
This project is an examination of beach groundwater nutrient cycling mechanisms. Furthermore, an undergraduate assistant will work and have the opportunity to become involved with the Santa Barbara Coast LTER project at the Marine Science Institute upon completion.

Project: Explore Gavitota Coast! Fun Run and Hike

Amount funded: $580.00
This is a fun run and hike to provide people with the opportunity to go out to the Gaviota Coast and enjoy it.

Project: Goleta Beach Outreach and Education

Amount funded: $990.00
This project is the development of critical summary fact sheets for education and outreach to the campus community including students, staff and faculty, County Board of Supervisors, County Parks, student organizations such as the IV Surfrider Foundation and Environmental Affairs Board, the California Coastal Commission and other decision markers.

Project: Studies of fouling communities

Amount funded: $894.00
This project is to study the types and spread of exotic invasive species in harbors of which supported UCSB undergraduate student interns during Summer.

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