Funded Projects Spring 2015

1. Coal Oil Point Reserve: Internships and additional funding for conservation, education, and restoration programs: Summer 2015/Fall 2015

-Included funding for 14 internships for the Snow Plover Program and 11 internships for the Restoration Program

Coal Oil Point Reserve

Total funding: $10,250


2. Rethink the Drink

Community Environmental Council

Total funding: $3,880


3. Adopt-A-Block

-Included funding for 2 student interns

Isla Vista Recreation and Park District

Total funding: $4,586


4. MPA Watch Internship

-Included funding for 4 student interns

Santa Barbara Channelkeeper

Total funding: $2,900


5. Dune Swale Pond Buffer Fire Recovery Project

-Included funding for 6 undergraduate and 2 graduate student interns

Santa Barbara Audubon Society

Total funding: $3,304


6. Develop a Master Plan for a Sustainable Living Research Village at Devereux

-Included funding for 4 graduate student interns for 2 quarters

Sama Group

Total funding: $7,333


7. Reef Check California

-Included funding for 1 student intern

Reef Check Foundation

Total funding: $13,000


8. Kids in Nature Peer-to-Peer Environmental Education Program

-Included funding for 10 student interns


Total funding: $19,670


9. Balancing the needs of whales, humans, and ships in the Santa Barbara Channel

-Included funding for 1 student intern stipend


Total funding: $11,300


10. Fostering a Lifelong Fascination with Nature

NatureTrack Foundation

Total funding: $12,500


11. Restoration Intern Training Program Summer & Fall 2015

-Included funding for 6 student interns


Total funding: $4,500


12. Technical Support Grant


Total funding: $5,500


13. Local Genotype Education Program

-Included funding for 1 student intern


Total funding: $6,825


14. Oceans to Classrooms: REEF Internships

-Included funding for 4 student interns


Total funding: $10,180


15.Watershed Restoration Internship

-Included funding for 2 student interns for 2 quarters


Total funding: $3,865


16. Baited Remote Underwater Video for Monitoring and Citizen Science in California

-Included funding for 2 undergraduate interns


Total funding: $5,950


17 . Paid Internships: Community Seafood Liaisons

-Included funding for 2 student stipends

Community Seafood

Total funding: $900


18. Fairview Gardens Summer Farm Education Internships

-Included funding for 2 student internships

Fairview Gardens, Center for Urban Agriculture

Total funding: $950


19. Bioacoustics of UCSB/Sounds of Campus Wildlife

-Included funding for 1 student stipend


Total funding: $1,020


Total Spring Funding: $128,413

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