Co-Sponsorship Application

Apply for a co-sponsorship with the Coastal Fund! Please read below to find out how your unique organization can receive support for events.

What distinguishes co-sponsorships from grants?

Grants are often long-term projects that implement parts of the Coastal Fund mission whereas, co-sponsorships are events that focus primarily on education along with the other requirements articulated in the mission statement. Co-sponsorships are not exclusively a monetary contribution from Coastal Fund; active participation in the event is also possible.

Guiding Principles

  •  A co-sponsorship is not a donation, but is a partnership between the organization putting on the event and Coastal Fund
  • Co-sponsorships must be associated with the University of California, Santa Barbara coastline and student body
  • Co-sponsorships are typically, but not limited to, single day events and must allow for attendance by Coastal Fund Staff and/or board.
  • Funds provided must be allocated appropriately in an itemized budget
  • The Coastal Fund logo must be used in advertising and on any merchandise
  • Any unspent funds must be returned to Coastal Fund after the event

Our Goals

  1. Assist in the advancement of environmental organization goals in the Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Isla Vista communities
  2. To provide collaborative support to the funded organization by taking active roles in the event
  3. Strengthen Coastal Fund’s relationship and interaction with the community
  4. Co-sponsorships are used as a medium for outreach and exposure for the Coastal Fund
  5. To appropriately meet goals set forth by the mission statement:
  • Education: directly to students and community members
  • Promote preservation, protection, and enhancement of terrestrial and marine habitats
  • Present Research

 Please email in order to submit your co-sponsorship form.

Co-sponsorshipApplication PDF

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Past events co-sponsored by Coastal Fund include: