Co-Sponsorship Application

**Please note: Coastal Fund is no longer able to support fundraising events through its co-sponsorship program. Please contact Sarah Siedschlag at sarahs(at) with any questions.**

Apply for a co-sponsorship with the Coastal Fund! Please read below to find out how your unique organization can receive support for events and submit a request form to coastalfund(at)

Blank Co-Sponsorship Form

What distinguishes co-sponsorships from grants?

Grants are often long-term projects that implement parts of the Coastal Fund mission whereas, co-sponsorships are events that focus primarily on education and outreach relating to our coastal resources and advocacy. Co-sponsorships are not exclusively a monetary contribution from Coastal Fund; active participation in the event is also possible.

Guiding Principles

  • Co-sponsored events must further the mission of Coastal Fund
  • A co-sponsorship is not a donation, but is a partnership between the organization putting on the event and Coastal Fund
  • Co-sponsorships are typically, but not limited to, single day events and must allow for attendance by Coastal Fund staff and/or board members
  • Funds provided must be allocated appropriately in an itemized budget
  • The Coastal Fund logo must be used in event advertising
  • Any unspent funds must be returned to Coastal Fund after the event

Blank Co-Sponsorship Form

Past events co-sponsored by Coastal Fund include:

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