Funded Projects Fall 2008

Projects Funded: 16
Total Amount Distributed: $137,626

Project: UCSB “History of Surfing” Course

Total Amount Distributed: $137,626
With support from the Coastal Fund, UCSB’s “History of Surfing” course – being offered Spring 2009 – will be expanding from 70 to 250 students. Exhibiting historical and environmental themes, the course connects local concerns with similar issues affecting coastal communities in widely different contexts and cultures worldwide.

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Project: “The Inception of Activism” film

Amount Funded: $4,900.00
With financial support from the Coastal Fund, the cooperative efforts of Cage Free Productions, Spreading Solutions, and Get Oil Out! (GOO!), will produce a documentary to commemorate the past, recognize the present challenges, and explore the future of the Environmental Movement in Santa Barbara. Stay tuned for screening dates and events throughout Santa Barbara.

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Cage Free Productions:

Project: Art From Scrap Watershed Resource Center Internships

Amount Funded: $5,600.00
With funding awarded by the Associated Students Coastal Fund, Art From Scrap’s Green Schools education program at the Watershed Resource Program will allow two UCSB student interns to work from the WRC to educate community members about water quality issues and ways they can help improve the quality of our creeks and ocean.

For additional information, please contact:
Art From Scrap:

Project: Self-Guided Tour Program at Coal Oil Point Reserve, Phase II

Amount Funded: $8,032.00
The nonprofit Shorelines & Watersheds, with funding from the Coastal Fund, recently installed a Self-Guided Tour that encompasses Sands Beach in the Coal Oil Point Reserve, as an area rich in ecological and cultural values. The Self-Guided Tour consists of 20 signs along a three-mile loop. The signs outline COPR’s habitats, cultural history, flora, and fauna. A podcast to accompany the tour is downloadable from

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Nicole Cerra:

Project: Goleta Beach Protection Modeling and Education Project

Amount Funded: $9,700.00
Funding awarded to the Santa Barbara Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation by the Associated Students Coastal Fund will be used to review modeling undertaken by the County, to compare the environmental impacts and the effectiveness of a groin structure proposed by the Santa Barbara County parks Department. Park Reconfiguration is proposed by Surfrider as an alternative to the groin in order to restore eroding portions of Goleta Beach, protect Goleta Beach County Park, protect and enhance natural processes that deliver sand to Goleta Beach, and revitalize the natural habitats around Goleta Beach.

For more information, please contact:
Environmental Defense Center:

Project: Goleta Valley Beautiful Greenhouse Native Tree Ongoing Management Project

Amount Funded: $8,100.00
The Coastal Fund, a UCSB student financed organization, today announced a grant of $8,100 to assist Goleta Valley Beautiful in planting 400 to 500 native trees a year in Goleta Valley public areas. The grant will allow Goleta Valley Beautiful to continually manage its Greenhouse Growing Grounds operated with Devereux of California. UCSB students will take the lead in managing and implementing tree care projects under the supervision of Certified Arborist/Urban Forester Ken Knight.

For more information, please contact:
Goleta Valley Beautiful:

Project: American Cetacean Society Channel Islands Gray Whales Count

Amount Funded: $7,777.00
The Gray Whales Count, with funding from the Coastal Fund, is a program designed to count the number of gray whales on their northward migration that use the near-shore corridor through the channel and to monitor changes that may indicate the condition of the greater population. Internships available.

For more information, please contact:
American Cetacean Society:

Project: Ocean and Coastal Policy Center: Developing Adaptive Policy to Climate Disturbance in Santa Barbara County

Amount Funded: $20, 802.00
With support from UCSB’s Coastal Fund, Dr. McGinnis and student interns are currently developing a regional blueprint and plan on the expected impacts of climate disturbance on the coastal marine ecosystem of Santa Barbara County. The regional blueprint and plan would offer a range of policy tools that can be used to update Santa Barbara (SB) Countywide general plans.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Michael V. McGinnis, Deputy Director:

Project: Reef Check California

Amount Funded: $8,850.00
UCSB’s Coastal Fund has awarded $8,850 to the Reef Check Foundation, the largest international volunteer organization for reef monitoring and conservation. This grant will enable UCSB students and affiliates to join Reef Check’s network of scuba divers who monitor the health of California’s near shore rocky reef ecosystems.

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Project: CCBER Completing Renovation of CCBER Greenhouse & Nursery

Amount Funded: $6,460.00
The students of UCSB, through the Coastal Fund, are making it possible for all the native plants on campus to be grown on campus in new greenhouses. As increasingly larger areas get restored to locally native plants, it is important to have a facility that can support the larger demands for new seedlings. Coastal Fund monies will be used to purchase a second, and much needed greenhouse, materials for plant benches in the greenhouses and a roof for the new compost center and support a student worker and intern for Fall and Winter quarters.

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Project: CCBER Restoring Lagoon Island with heat: Solarization and Fire

Amount Funded: $5,700.00
Coastal Fund and CCBER join forces to restore portions of Lagoon “Island” using prescribe burns to control invasive, non-native annual grasses and solarization. Student interns have been growing the plants and preparing the sites for treatment and planting since January 2009. This exciting project will put Alice Levine’s important research project to the test of scale.

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Project: CCBER Lagoon Access Matching Grant

Amount Funded: $40,000.00
UCSB students, through the Associated Students Coastal Fund, with the California Coastal Conservancy recently funded the construction of new coastal access stairs and boardwalk over fragile, sandy bluff slopes from Campus Point Beach to Campus Point. The stairway includes four platforms for viewing the coastline. This project will be valued by students and community members for years to come.

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Project: Santa Barbara Audubon Society Habitat Restoration Internship Program, Coal Oil Point Reserve, Winter 2009

Amount Funded: $1,000.00
Santa Barbara Audubon, with funding from the Coastal Fund, will recruit three UCSB students as restoration interns, to work with other interns, restoration biologist Darlene Chirman and COPR steward Tara Longwell to implement habitat restoration at Coal Oil Point Reserve. The major project is restoration of 7 acres of the slough margin on both sides of the slough. The primary restoration activity for winter quarter will be planting of native coastal sage scrub species, and maintaining the planting sites.

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