THE COASTAL FUND (CF) shall provide funds to preserve, protect, and enhance the terrestrial and marine habitats associated with the shoreline of the University of California, Santa Barbara through preservation, education, open access, research, and restoration.

The following five principles shall guide and govern the funding of projects by the Coastal Fund:

  1. PRESERVATION: Biodiversity and the ecological integrity of the shoreline are essential and irreplaceable. The CF is committed to preserving and enhancing these aspects of the shoreline.
  2. EDUCATION: Environmental education is vital to the future health and well being of the UCSB community. The CF seeks to develop and utilize educational materials and opportunities that are fun, factual, proactive, and informative.
  3. ACCESS: The right to safe open and low impact access to the shoreline must be maintained with respect to sensitive habitat. CF supports the balance of Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas (ESHA) and public access.
  4. RESEARCH: Projects that promote education through research are fundamental to our understanding of coastal resources and the natural processes and human influences that act upon them. CF encourages studies that further our understanding of the shoreline.
  5. RESTORATION: Acknowledging that past human activity has negatively affected the environment, CF understands that restoration of habitat is critical to maintain natural and healthy ecosystems.