Resources for Grant Applicants

Virtual Information Workshop (in progress) This video walks through the Coastal Fund organization, application, process, as well as the board’s priorities when making funding decisions. 

Online Application System Walkthrough This guide will show you how to register and start your application with Coastal Fund. Information about completing final reports will be added at a later date.

Template Application Form This form includes  everything you will be asked as part of your grant application. We encourage you to make a copy of this form to draft your responses before completing the official online application.

Board Presentation Demonstration This video shows what it will be like to present your major grant proposal to the Coastal Fund Board. Reminder, minor grant proposals do not present to the Board. While the general format of introductions, presentation, and questions is the same for all applicants, this is just one example of how an applicant could choose to present their proposal. Slides or other visuals are not required. 

Template Grant Agreement This form outlines the Coastal Fund terms and is sent to all approved applicants to sign.

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