Winter 2018 Funded Projects

Major Grants

1. Community Environmental Council:  “Rethink the Drink” 
Total funding: $4,148

2. Environmental Defense Center: Preventing New Fossil Fuel Projects and Impacts on Climate Change

Total funding: $10,000

3. SBCC Center for Sustainability: Hydration Stations
Total funding: $2,088.70

4. Channel Islands Restoration: Goleta Slough Tide Gate
Total funding: $15,724.40

Emergency Grants

5. Earth Research Institute: Plumes and Blooms in the wake of the Mudslide
Total funding: $7,000

6. Bren School: Microbiological Water Quality and Public Health Implications of Upland Sediment
Total funding: $37,692.60

7. Earth Science UCSB: Field Investigation of the January 2018 Montecito Debris Flow
Total funding: $4,761.78

8. Santa Barbara Channelkeeper: Post-Fire and Mudslide Water Quality Monitoring Project
Total funding: $3,000

9. Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network: Wildlife Baby Season
Total funding: $9,423.20

10. SBC LTER: Composition of Debris Deposited on Goleta Beach and Persistence in Marine Ecosystems
Total funding: $8,840.04

Minor Grants

11. CCBER: Restoration Intern Training Program Spring & Fall 2018
Total funding: $800

12. Isla Vista Surfrider: Blue Water Task Force
Total funding: $828.41

13. Marine Science Institute: Exploring local scale variation in biodiversity on sandy beaches
Total funding: $800

14. EEMB: Measuring Functional Traits of Native Coastal Grassland Species
Total funding: $1,000

15. The Wildlife Society at UCSB Student Chapter: Binoculars for Wildlife Viewing Trips
Total funding: $339.90

16. Office of Student Life and GIVE to IV: GIVE Benefit Sale
Total funding: $998.08


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