Funded Projects Fall 2012

FALL 12-01 – GreenScreen Environmental Media Program

FALL 12-02 – UCSB’s Natural Reserve System Day

FALL 12-03 – Arroyo Hondo Preserve Habitat Restoration & Intern Program 2013

FALL 12-04 – Goleta Beach Protection & Education Project

FALL 12-05 – CMAP Science Writing and Outreach Intern Program

FALL12-06 – Gray Whales Count

FALL 12-07 – Devereux Native Tree Nursery and Intern Education Project

FALL 12-08 – Restoration Intern Training Program Winter/Spring 2013

FALL 12-09 – Restoring the Campus Lagoon through Fire and Solarization 2013

FALL 12-10 – Santa Barbara Restoration Project Data Base

FALL 12-11 – Upper Devereux Slough Outreach and Design

FALL 12-12 – Rethink the Drink

FALL 12-13 – Discover the Natural Reserve System: A Conference Celebrating the UCSB NRS

FALL 12-14 – Assessing the Endangered El Segundo Blue Butterfly Habitat at UCSB

FALL 12-15 – Peregrine Falcons – The Earth’s Fastest Animal

FALL 12-16 – Gaviota Coastal Trail Planning Study: Opportunities for Coastal Access

FALL 12-17 – BEACON Regional Environmental Impact Record for Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance

FALL 12-18 – Audubon Habitat Restoration Internship Program for Coal Oil Point Reserve (COPR) 2013

FALL 12-19 – Coal Oil Point Reserve: Internships and additional funding support for conservation,

education, and restoration programs: Winter 2013/Spring 2013

FALL 12-20 – Kids in Nature: peer-to-peer environmental education program

FALL 12-21 – Trailblazing the Coastal Campus – Students Re-Map UCSB as a Giant Water System in the

Era of Sea Level Rise

FALL 12-22 – The Spread and Ecological Consequences of an Invasive seaweed Sargassum horneri in

the Santa Barbara Channel (MINOR)

FALL 12-23 – “The Twenty”: A Surfrider Foundation Documentary to Preserve the Gaviota Coast


FALL 12-25 (MINOR) – Assessment of Lupinus Nipomensis Seedbank Recovery

FALL 12-26 (MINOR) – UCSB Plastic Pollution Coalition: Day without a Bottle

FALL 12-27 (MINOR) – Blair Goodridge

FALL 12-28 (MINOR) – Invertebrate Burial and Subsequent Loss from Beach Nourishment

FALL 12-29 (MINOR) – Zero Waste Publicity and Education


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